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Welcome, travelers of the internet to the World of Imagination.  This site is the one stop place to go for everything related to an ever growing universe that is being created and added to every minute of the day by a number of authors who have taken it upon themselves to sort out the crazy ideas flowing through their heads, put them on paper, and join them with the ideas of other authors.

For a little bit more about us, we basically were all writing Fan Fiction based on the game of Chrono Trigger, by Squaresoft.  Some of us had been writing longer than others, but over time, the influence over each others work was becoming so apparent that we, one at a time, decided to work out of the same universe.

I'm Mox, and I'm the Webmaster here.  I sort of brought together this group of authors, so I got to manage the web page.  Lucky, huh?  I know, I guess I'm just an incredible guy.

To this day, the group of authors writing in this universe is growing, which is basically what we want to happen.  In the mean time, though, we will continue to create an interwoven plot line of the many stories that have sprung from our ideas. 

On this site, you can find the writings of everything that we've written in this world, as well as loads of extra information regarding the faniverse.  As the World of Imagination is always growing, this site will be always growing as well, expanding outward along with the faniverse.

So sit back, grab some coffee and dig on in.  In our own opinions, this is some of the best fanfic out there, and we think you'll like it too.  In fact, for a lot of stories, you don't even need to know anything about Chrono Trigger.  So, join our World of Imagination and let your mind take you on the fictional journey of a lifetime.


This page is a member of the Fantasy Finale Arts Association, a group of amateur writers, artists, and composers, dedicated to giving everyone a chance to get their work read or looked at, and to get feedback.  Please visit our forum.



This page, like any other page on the internet, is always looking for feedback.  Please tell us what you think by emailing us


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