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Welcome, one and all to the real deal behind of this site.  Arranged before you are the works of the World of Imagination.  More specifically, they are the stories that makes everything happen.  They are the best of the best, the top of the...well, you get the idea.  We're all very proud of what you see before you (some of us more than others) and hope that you enjoy what you read.

For your reading pleasure, I've listed the stories chronologically, as far as where they exist within the continuum of the world.  For example, the Origin of Mt. Woe happened before The Planeswalkers, which happened before Dark Angel, and so they are listed in that order.  Ironically, of the ones listed, it also happens to be the order they were written in, but I will maintain a chronology of the universe for all future stories, as well.

Each story has a separate page, where the author blabs about the story for a bit, and each story gets a summary.  The authors blab about themselves in their individual sections in the Authors area of the page, so go there if you want the deal on the actually writers.  We're actually not very interesting people, so we decided to leave that stuff away from our writing, which we feel is quite interesting (again, some more than others).

So get going.  The Origin/Aftermath of Mt. Woe is only 50 chapters, so it won't take you any time at all to read!  No more wasting time.  Go on, now.  Reading!



The Origin and Aftermath of Mt Woe

by Nanaki


50 chapters, and three Epilogues




Trials of the King

by Nanaki


11 chapters, and notes




Chrono Continuum

by Cain


100 chapters, and notes




The Planeswalkers

by Mox Jet


40 chapters, notes and and Epilogue




Tempo Trigger

by Nanaki


32 chapters, and notes



Twins of Destiny

by Mox Jet


3 chapters, prologue



Prelude to Destruction: Dark Angel

by Nightsong


20 chapters, prologue



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