"Power is key to any war.  Our technology gives us that power." 





The Weatherlight

Other LEA Ships

Lavoid Hive Ships



Chaos Weaponry

Ether Weaponry

LEA Weaponry

Lavoid Weaponry

The Dreamblade



Chaos Warps


When one deals with a universe for an extended period of time, one tends to come across a lot of technological innovations.  When one creates a universe, in addition to going insane, one tends to create a lot of technology on his own.

In case it's not hitting home yet, this page is place where you can read up on all of the technology of the Planeswalker Chronicles.  Hey, when I said I had an over active imagination, I wasn't kidding.  And you didn't believe me, did you?

Anyway, from the Weatherlight to TAGs, this is the place if you wanted to know more.  And if you didn't, well, you can just get the hell off my page now because you're wasting my time.  Happy reading!


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