What's New?


7/9 - The second edition Planeswalker Chronicle glossary is up, mostly because I added a bunch of stuff.

6/30 - The Starcrossed Glossary is also up, though I don't know if Cain has intentions of modifying it, but I wouldn't bet against it. 

6/26 - I now have the First Edition Glossary for the Planeswalker Chronicles up, as well as a paper on Chaos Energy in the Theories section.  With any luck, I should have the Starcrossed (sequel to Chrono Continuum) glossary up soon, too, though it will probably be a while before I can actually put the story up.  For the time being, go read it at Icy Brian's RPG Page

6/24 - No real changes to the page, save for the addition of the Guestbook and the bios of Nightsong and Myself (even though I just ripped them off of our personal sites) .  I know, I'm lazy.  A guy's got work, you know?  Anyway, I'm hoping to start the HTMLization of The Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe next.  Keep it real.

6/5 - Mox here again, and I've finally gotten my act together and have started working on this page again.  Now up are all 40 chapters of The Planeswalkers, mostly because I'm running the page and so my work gets to go up first.  Ha!  Also, you'll notice that the pages for some of the other works are up too, though there's no work in them yet.  All in good time, friends, all in good time.

4/18 - The whole page!  Mwa ha ha!  Oh joy!  I've got the basic skeleton of the site done, but obviously there's a lot more to go, namely all of the works of the authors.  I took some of the articles that I had up on my page (Planeswalker Universe) and put them here.  In fact, I'm altering the set up of that page.  All of the content over there is now here, being that it is broader and pretty inclusive of the entire continuum, so it belongs here.  Stay tuned to that page for specific information about the Planeswalkers and the LEA.  



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