The Planeswalkers

by Mox Jet


Everybody knows of the story of Chrono and his friends (if not, then I don't know what you're doing here) and how they fought Lavos and saved the world. But, what if there were others fighting Lavos as well? Maybe they just got beat to the punch. And the question still remains: one of Lavos's species is destroyed, but does that end the treat?

Now consider what people would do in the year 1999 once Lavos struck. Would they just sit on their butts and watch the world slip into a nuclear winter? Of course not! They would try to fight it too! Now, what happens when one young man's desire to return home turns into the biggest struggle of them all: the struggle against destiny.

Do we really control our lives, or are we just puppets in a play? Are all of our lives laid out before we are born, or can we break free of the current of fate? That is the question that 18 year old Jack McKlane asks himself as his journey unfolds. Now, I can only give one piece of advice: Accept your Destiny.


The Planeswalkers

Authors Notes

Chapter 1- Of Teachers and Students

Chapter 2- Questionable Futures

Chapter 3- Where, or is it When, are We?

Chapter 4- Captured?!

Chapter 5- A First Kill

Chapter 6- Escape

Chapter 7- We Just Keep Meeting People Like This, Don't We?

Chapter 8- New Weapons, New Troubles

Chapter 9- Might and Magic

Chapter 10- A Ruined Future

Chapter 11- A New Plan

Chapter 12- Is this Destiny

Chapter 13- Winds of Magic

Chapter 14- Infiltration

Chapter 15- Into the Depths of Hell

Chapter 16- Not Again!

Chapter 17- Meeting the Magus

Chapter 18- Lost in Time

Chapter 19- Battle of the Blue Hairs

Chapter 20- Interrogation

Chapter 21- The Kingdom of Zeal

Chapter 22- The Dreamstone Blade

Chapter 23- Realizations

Chapter 24- Drunken Confessions

Chapter 25- Speeches of Destiny

Chapter 26- Assassinations and Modifications

Chapter 27- Secrets of the Dreamblade Revealed

Chapter 28- The Battle of Truce

Chapter 29- Of Lavos Born

Chapter 30- Chaos

Chapter 31- Wings of Fate

Chapter 32- Back to the Beginning and Together Again

Chapter 33- The Eve before the Great Life or Death Struggle

Chapter 34- Lavos!

Chapter 35- Back to the Beginning and All over Again

Chapter 36- Aspiration to Destruction

Chapter 37- Negotiations

Chapter 38- In the Beginning of Time

Chapter 39- A Tale of Temporal Training

Chapter 40- Planeswalker





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