Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe

by Nanaki


The Origin - Finally, the story of the man who was truly "The King of Zeal." Vigo is a young ruler out to find a better life for his people, and maybe win the heart of his true love along the way. Throw in the Sun stone, Masa, Mune, Doreen, a cave of beasts, a floating mountain, and Weapons of the planet, and you've got a recipe for the events that will change history.

The Aftermath - Then, as the story continues, what's a girl to do when everything around her is slowly but surely being swallowed up by the immense evil known as Lavos? Fight with all her might, of course! But will all of Schala's might be enough?


The Origin Of Mount Woe
Chapter 1: The Spark Of An Idea
Chapter 2: The Discovery
Chapter 3: Journey In The Snow
Chapter 4: Masa, Mune, and Doreen
Chapter 5: The Sun Stone
Chapter 6: An Early Homecoming
Chapter 7: Skyward
Chapter 8: Descent
Chapter 9: Life And Death
Chapter 10: Trouble In Paradise
Chapter 11: Premonitions
Chapter 12: The New Source
Chapter 13: Storm Brewing
Chapter 14: The Weapons Appear
Chapter 15: Shivan
Chapter 16: Pieces Of Chaos
Chapter 17: The Pendant
Chapter 18: Woe Comes To Enhasa
Chapter 19: Landing
The Aftermath Of Mount Woe
Chapter 20: Another New Source
Chapter 21: The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 22: Civil Unrest
Chapter 23: Reascension
Chapter 24: A Critical Decision
Chapter 25: A Meeting Of Minds
Chapter 26: Mammon Machines And Golem Dreams
Chapter 27: The Noble Benefactor
Chapter 28: The Soul Kiss
Chapter 29: A Visit To Earthbound Island
Chapter 30: Crossing The Rubicon
Chapter 31: The Courtship Of Princess Schala
Chapter 32: A Meeting Of Bodies
Chapter 33: Breakthrough On The Morning After
Chapter 34: Gambler's Ruin
Hell Battle 1: Dalton Vs. Greven
Hell Battle 2: Greven Vs. Zeal
Battle Royal: Zeal Vs. Schala
Chapter 38: Apocalypse Now!
Chapter 39: The Survivors (?)
Chapter 40: The Way Of Atma
Chapter 41: More Power
Chapter 42: Fierce Creatures
Chapter 43: Heart Of Darkness
Chapter 44: The Ones He Warned Her About
Chapter 45: Assassin
Chapter 46: Only An Epoch Away From The Terra Cave
Chapter 47: The Guru On Mount Woe
Chapter 48: The Ocean Palace
Chapter 49: The Blackbird
Chapter 50: The Black Omen
Epilogue 1: Schala
Epilogue 2: Magus
Epilogue 3: Zeal


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