The Planeswalkers


By Mox Jet









SERIAL NUMBER: 125-6878-23


DATE: 4132001 4500 ES








Race Name: Homo Lavoidus

Lifespan: Varies depending on exposure to Lavoid Energy.  Typically ranges from 500 to 1000 years.



Human male.  All Planeswalkers can be identified by their dark blue hair and amethyst eyes.  Typically, they have a strong muscle build, even if they donít make a habit of strength training.  Their bone mass, while very dense is of similar size.  Their bones are very difficult to break, though their skeletal structure outwardly appears the same.  Some differences, including the wider ribs which almost form a plate, rather than a series of parallel lines, are noted.  Muscles follow a similar pattern, involving a very dense construction.  Again, this means that they are stronger than they look.  


There has been record of differences in internal organs, mostly in the addition of certain organs and/or structures whose purpose is unknown, even to Planeswalkers.  This roots from their origins from Lavoid DNA, and will be explained as information becomes available.



The Planeswalker is the male offspring of a Lavoid and Vessel.  Unlike offspring created by the Lavoid in the form of a Lavoid Spawn, a Planeswalker is created by direct insemination, by means of Lavoid Energy, of a human female, known as the Vessel.  Their purpose was to mate with the Epitorum of a particular planet and create the hybrid of human DNA on that planet.  For all practical purposes, a Planeswalker appears human, except for their hair coloring and eye coloring.  These dark blue and amethyst colorings, respectively, are the result of the influence of Lavoid Energy on the birth of the Planeswalker.


Since they are designed to mate with a human, their DNA structure is mostly human.  The difference in the genetic makeup comes from a small set of genes called the Lavoid Factor, which results in the natural intake of Lavoid Energy.  Functionally, the Planeswalker is a being of Lavoid Energy, born and surviving through it. 



The Planeswalkers have existed, for all purposes, since the birth of the Lavoid species on Earth.  Typically, each Lavoid will bare multiple Planeswalkers in its lifespan, most usually a single one for each planet in which it is making a long term infestation of.  The ability to produce Planeswalker Offspring was one of the key points written into the Lavoid genetic code, and therefore, the Planeswalkers, like the Lavoids, were designed by the scientists that ran Project Lavoid.


A Planeswalker can be born into any human, but history has showed a trend of Planeswalkers being born into important families.  Almost always, this will be royalty of a kingdom that is using Lavoid Energy as its power source.  A Lavoid will typically open its energy to being used by the humans inhabiting the planet, because once they begin to draw on its energy, he can use it to reach out and find a Vessel.


Planeswalkers are all male, simply due to fact that the Lavoid Factor is something included on the Y chromosome.  Conversely, all Epitorum (yes, itís the plural and the singular form: that Epitorum, those Epitorum) are female, and also have a tendency to come from important bloodlines.


Personality Traits:

Generally speaking, a Planeswalker will have a tendency to be a very serious individual.  While not unheard of, jocose Planeswalkers are difficult to find.  By that same note, Planeswalkers have a natural love of battle, and will typically feel patricidal towards their parent Lavoid.  More often then not, though, they never find out about their true nature until after they have mated with the Epitorum and the Lavoid fires his weapons upon the surface of the planet.  They are intelligent by nature, and have upper level logical skills.  They specifically excel at mathematics and magical understanding.


Normally, a younger Planeswalker will go through a crisis of identity when he realizes that he is not actually a human, but something else entirely.  Fits of rage, when young, can result in expression of the Black Wings, a condensed form of Lavoid Energy, most commonly seen as projections from the shoulder blades (hence the name, wings), but they can take on many forms (ranging from anything the Planeswalker forms them too).



Planeswalkers have a natural inclination towards Black Magic, or drawing power from the outer planes.  Natural magic users from birth, they typically will learn elemental/ether spells first, and at a very rapid rate of advancement.  This is mostly due to their extreme tolerance for energy and innate magic knowledge, leading the Planeswalker to reach an area of magic competency in about a month as it would normally take a human wizard five to ten years.


Energy from beyond the Planes typically gravitates towards them, and once they realize it, Black Magic is a common favorite amongst them.  Another branch of Black Magic, Chaos Magic, is a training which only Planeswalkers are known for.  This draws directly from Chaos by use of their Lavoid Energy and the Black Wings.  While technically a Lavoid would also be capable of this school of magic, it was founded by a Planeswalker and therefore it is kept as a trade secret within the group of Lavoid Hunters known as the LEA.  Spells such as the Trimetra Rana and the Lavoid Slave are unique to the LEAís Planeswalker Counsel.  Magic is not inclusive to these types, however, as they are also capable of white magic, chi magic, and various other sources of magic energy.


While not necessarily magic, their nature gives them a number of other abilities.  Tied indirectly into the Black Wings is the ability to tear holes in the space-time continuum, exiting a Planes of Existence, traveling through the Inter-planer continuum, and reentering different Planes of Existence (or the same Plane in a different location).  Typically called Phasing when used in combat, or Planeshifting when used for travel, it is the source ability of the name of the species.  Functionally, they exist as five dimensional beings, being able to transverse the three directional dimensions, the fourth dimension of time, and the fifth dimension of planes.


Notable Planeswalkers:


Lathain of Zeal: more commonly known as Jack McKlane, High Commander of the LEA, and the Black Winged Angel of Death (one of his more common nicknames), Lathain was the first Planeswalker to be liberated of control by his Parent Lavoid in centuries.  He certainly puts this freedom to good use, founding the Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus, which was, at its peak time of power, probably the strongest known force in the galaxy, save for the Lavoid Queens themselves.  The group of elite Lavoid Hunters was responsible for more deaths of Lavoids and Lavoid based creatures than any other anti-Lavoid group in the history of the species combined.


Lathain himself is widely feared as one of the most powerful Planeswalkers in the Universe (and at one point he was, until his son, Duncan, came into public eye).  Master of all forms of magic and nearly every combat style known, his Wing Projection Index (the measuring devices of a Planeswalkers competency with Lavoid Energy and the Black Wings) reached a high of 10.2, the highest recorded value in Dominion records.


His name can be found in almost every major power struggle against the Lavoid from his first manifestation of the Black Wings in 2000 AD, Elosia time, to his eventual death in most existing Time Lines, nearly 4500 years later.



Tyrion Mandrake: one of the first two Planeswalkers that were freed by Lathain of Zeal, two years after the inception of the LEA.  While being born from a Class B, the power of the Lavoid was split between him and his twin broth, Teclis, effectively avoiding the general power-madness that goes with being born of a Class B.  Unfortunately, most of the magic ability went to Teclis, while much of the speed and in-fighting ability went to Tyrion.  He is probably the most adept hand to hand fighter in the LEA, favoring a fighting technique from Ithilmar known as Nisai Ryu, which uses abilities relating to Lifestream Absorbing and Projection.  At the height of his power, he proudly claimed the ability to kill a Class A in under five seconds, though he had never actually been timed.



Teclis (no last name known): the twin brother of Tyrion Mandrake, born of the Class B Lavoid that had resided on Celes.  As stated above, much of the Lavoidís power was split, with Teclis receiving most of it.  As a result, he quickly rose to become one of the most powerful magic users ever known.  With knowledge and ability to cast a Dragon Slave (difficulty index of 10,000) at the age of 13, his magical traits caused him much grief while growing up.  His bitterly serious personality makes him a difficult person to deal with at times, let along get on his bad side.

















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