by Mox 



Chaos is, in its simplest terms, just that.  It is fundamentally the existence of total random motion in the area that it is contained in.  All particles within Chaos are moving at their greatest speed possible.  All matter in Chaos has been turned into energy, and therefore is moving at greater than the speed of light.  This speed of molecules is technically not measurable at the moment, simply due to lack of the proper technology.


Chaos exists in what scientist have named the “Outer Planer” regions.  This basically means that if one is consider all of the Planes of Existence in the Multiverse, and visualize their correspondence to all of the Time Streams in the Multiverse, all of the left over space is an Outer Planer Region, or Extraplaner Force.  Chaos is one of three Outer Planer regions, but is the only one in a grouping that has been titled Extraplaner Force.


Also known as the Warp, or the Hyper-Ether, the location of Chaos is not only outside of the Planes, though.  By its nature, it also exists within the Planes, though a creature existing in five dimensions can only detect it there (Planeswalkers being the only documented case of this).  Additionally, to simplify matters, it can be said that all area in the Five Dimensional Continuum not occupied by one of the Planes of Existence is occupied by Chaos.


When viewed in a strictly mathematical sense, Chaos seems to simply be what would seem an ideal source of energy to power anything.  However, civilizations that discover Chaos and use it as a source of power tend to collapse on themselves.  The reason for this has yet to be proven, as it can only be inferred as a side effect of Chaos.


Proof of Chaos lies in the existence of energy that is increasing the speed at which all matter in the universe is moving away from the original center.  It was originally hypothesized that this speed would decrease, but as time went on, this speed showed to be increasing.  A scientist on Terra by the name of Albert Einstein had originally hypothesized this as a force of Anti-gravity that fought the gravity thought to work towards slowing the spreading of matter in the universe.  When the source Anti-gravity, originally dubbed Dark Energy, was discovered, humans on Terra began to use it as a power source.  They also used it to create the interstellar immortals called Lavoids.


Chaos tends to have a ‘tainting’ effect on things that use its power.  It creates ambition and anarchy more than anything else, but scientists have yet to come up with an explanation as to why.  People have been hesitant to classify Chaos as ‘evil’ because of its many uses.  Some researchers would like to disagree.


On Terra, Chaos was responsible for the creation, or rather, the bringing of self-awareness, of the Lavoids.  To this day, it is unknown how this happened.  But, because of the threat that the Lavoids have become, Chaos is typically blamed for it by the people who are still knowledgeable about the history of Terra and the Lavoids.  On many planets in the Dominion, the Planetary Union and the Mystician Empire, Chaos is regarded with mythical fear.  On other worlds, it is looked at with fanatic reverence.


Chaos is also often associated with the Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus.  This is to such an extent as they are often regarded as tainted to the same degree as the Lavoids themselves.  Some protesters exclaim that they are hypocrites in trying to use Chaos energy to fight the spawn of Chaos, but it doesn’t stop them.  Most notably is the use of Chaos Magic by the few Planeswalkers that govern the Adeptus.  This art, previously unknown, is unattainable outside of the Adeptus for two reasons.  First, the knowledge of Chaos spells is not even available to those outside of the LEA.  Second, two be able to cast Chaos magic, one must exist as a five dimensional being, Planeswalkers being the only species in the galaxy that lay claim to this.


They are the prime example when dealing with Chaos as a source of energy because they are, thusly in history, the only organization that has managed to deal with it without destroying itself in the process.  For this reason, our study of Chaos as a source of energy will be based on the LEA.


One functional use of Chaos is, as explained earlier, as an energy source.  Lavoids do this by passively absorbing Chaos energy, though it is not a voluntary action in their case.  Planeswalkers can do this actively, though it is very rarely involuntary (certain bloodlines have developed this ability).  The most effective way to absorb Chaos energy was engineered by the LEA using genetic material from a Lavoid in order to construct a machine known as a C-1 Assimilation Module.  These are the power sources of all LEA vessels.


A C-1AM works by projecting a meta-physical ‘net’ into the space surrounding the ship.  This net is designed to function as a funnel for the Chaos energy in the area.  The process is not an easy one to begin, for to draw Chaos from the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension, vast quantities of energy are required.  Luckily, once Chaos is sucked into the net, it is converted into more than enough energy to continue the process and power the ship.  For this reason, though, a C-1AM is always operational, as the presence of a Planeswalker would otherwise be required to activate it each time it is turned off.


The use of Chaos as energy is rivaled by what Darrell Shanning would do with the Zohar Modifier, which drew energy from 4th dimensional existences.  Drawing power from an upper dimension has been considered an Infinite Energy Source because actual measurements of power do not transfer.  The power required to start the reaction can be measured, though, and it is immense.  To draw on the power of the 4th dimension, Darrell used the power of a Finori by the name of Zohar to start the reaction.  To draw on the 5th dimension, the LEA uses the Chaos manipulation energy of the Planeswalkers to start their reactions


Other uses of Chaos are as weapons.  The major Chaos-Class heavy weapons of the LEA are based on one of two things.  First, Chaos can be siphoned off from the C-1AM of the ship and stored in fuel cells used for either guns or bombs.  This is typically used in bombs, as the effects when firing Chaos openly are extremely random.  Naturally, this is good for bomb, but bad for controlled fire.


The other method fires a dimensional rip in the form of a stream about the width of dental floss.  The stream can be projected relatively far, depending on the use of the weapon, and the stream tears the fabric of reality, exposing the area around the stream to Chaos.  It gives the appearance of being a thick black stream of energy.  This is safer as the weapon’s user can control the width of the dimensional tear stream, thereby controlling (for the most part) how much Chaos is allowed into the world.  This stream is different from the Temporal Distortions used by Pre-Fall Terra as a power source and a travel method, as the streams used on LEA weapons and ships open up gates directly to the fifth dimension, through use of their superior technology.


In the Pre-Fall Terra, they also used Chaos to travel.  While the LEA was somewhat knowledgeable in ‘warp’ travel, and technically their Planeshifting is a form of it, they do not typically proceed in mass travel through Chaos.  To this day, full knowledge of Chaos Warp travel has been lost, and it is not known exactly how it works or how it was navigated.


Pre-Fall Terra used machines that would cause temporal rips.  When the hole became large enough, a path into Chaos was often opened.  Then the ship would enter the Five Dimensional Chaos and travel through it.  Again, while navigation methods are unknown, they would eventually open up another fourth dimensional gate and use it to proceed back into real space, or three dimensional space.  This travel is now shunned in favor of the use of Quark Destabilization, Grey Space, Planeshifting, or one of their equivalents. 


Chaos Energy is not normally found in the three dimensional world, but instances of ‘spills’ can occur when there is a rift in the fourth dimension.  A fifth dimensional energy cannot simply slip directly into the third dimension.  Places where temporal fluxes occur are therefore the places where Chaos seeps naturally into the third dimension.  The original Chaos Engines, and the Lavoids, were created and powered by creating a fourth dimensional warp and allowing Chaos to drift into the third dimension.  The flaw with this was that the energy flow was thusly uncontrolled, and the results led to the First Fall of Terra, the first turning point of civilization.


Used as energy, Chaos provides what is considered Infinite Energy.  While this energy may or not be limitless, it appears that it will not be expired within the available existence of the universe.  All stars may conceivably stop shining before the limit of Chaos Energy is exhausted. 


Processing this energy is the tricky part.  When sucked from the 5th dimension, it is extremely raw and uncontrollable.  It takes an extremely long winded process of containment before the energy can be actually used.  At this point, what is basically harnessed is pure kinetic energy.  The energy is stored in batteries and can be drawn on for a number of things.  The LEA uses the energy to continue to power their ships as well as to continue to power the reaction that draws Chaos into the 3rd dimension in the first place.


Finally, Chaos is used to warp space.  It is key in the process of Planeshifting, because of the incredible power required.  In order to tear the proper hole in whatever Plane of Existence that the ship is in, the ships use actual Chaos energy, rather than the converted kinetic energy that the engines use.  This actual Chaos energy is projected through use of the Artificial Wing Creation Engine.  The AWCE mimics the creation of the Black Wings that a Planeswalker uses to perform an individual Planeshift.  By firing a stream of Chaos energy in the proper form, the AWCE tears a hole in the continuum and allows travel in the Outer-Planer Region.


Other uses of Chaos energy will certainly surface as new uses for any type of energy do.  It is the most brutally effective form of energy, and seems almost limitless.  However, this energy has been responsible for the fall of many civilizations.  Granted, 4th dimensional energy used in the Zohar Modifier was also responsible for events such as this.  It is a going trend that when we seek energy that is beyond our measure and complete comprehension, we only lead to destroy ourselves, and so will be the fate of the universe, until everything ends regardless.




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