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SERIAL NUMBER: 125-6878-23


DATE: 4132001 4500 ES








The Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus, more commonly known as the LEA, is an organization of Lavoid Hunters that was brought together by Lathain of Zeal in the year 2002 Elosia Standard (henceforth noted by the acronym ES).  The name comes from ancient Zealian tongue, translating to Masters of Lavoid Destruction.  It is also referred to in some places as the Lavoid Extermination Agency.  While there had been groups dedicated to the destruction of the Lavoids in the past, and there would be in the future, the LEA is credited with more Lavoid related deaths than all of the other groups combined.  Even the efforts of the Hunters paled in comparison to the damage that the LEA caused to the Lavoids during its existence. 


The LEA was founded by Lathain of Zeal, known more well by his common name, Jack McKlane.  It served basically as a function of revenge.  Lathain, knowing all to well that the destruction of the Lavoid race could not be totally accomplished in his lifetime, realized that going solo against them would not do any good.  Starting as a government funded project by the Country of Guardia in 2000 ES, it became operational in 2002 ES, functioning with one ship, the Flagship Weatherlight.  The crew, taken only from the planet Elosia was only about 50% of the average crew size of most LEA Ships today.  From that point out, they expanded, their fleet numbering approximately 200 ships by 2012, and 500 ships by 2018.  The members trained for killing Lavoids, most often known as the Adepts or Adeptus, originally numbered 15.  By 2004, they numbered approximately 250, and by 2012, the numbered over 1500.  Not that such numbers are needed in all situations.  By 2004, all Adeptus were capable of killing a Class C on their own.


Recruitment is handled in the same way that the original organization was founded: revenge.  Recruits are only taken from planets which have experienced Lavoid related trauma, as it provides the best psychological motivation.  From that planet, the greatest minds are recruited to add to the knowledge of the LEA, and the greatest warriors are recruited to become Adeptus, the killers of Lavoids.  Typically, there is one ship for each world that was freed from a Lavoid.  The members of a previously inhabited world are crewed together in the same ship to keep the sense of united vengeance towards the Lavoids intact.  The LEA will most often recruit enough people from a world to fully crew a ship.  All recruitment is given to the best and brightest of a particular field, so it is the best pilots, warriors, generals, and scientists that find their way into the LEA. 


Because they basically absorb the most gifted minds of each world, their technological base is extremely high.  Frighteningly enough, we fear they even outstrip ourselves in the area of technological advancement.  Their military presence is also frightening due to the extreme abilities of even the common Adept.  By use of a system which they call Tactical Indoctrination, new recruits are rapidly taught a base knowledge set by means which we have yet to understand.  While I was unable to acquire knowledge as to how this Tactical Indoctrination works, we know that it is allows rapid learning of a series which we know to include most forms of armed and unarmed combat, weapons usage, tactical theory, magic usage, magical theory, and detailed information about Lavoids and Lavoid related creatures (see: Farilii).


It is important to note that the LEA does not acknowledge the Sol Dominion as its ruling force, nor do they swear their loyalties to the Emperor.  Their loyalties only go to Jack McKlane, the High Commander of the LEA, and to the Planeswalker Counsel, the ruling body of the organization (see: Planeswalkers).  It this manner, they should be considered a threat, but in my interviews with members of the organization, they seem to hold no desire for a coup of any sort.  Their goal maintains true steadiness toward the destruction of the Lavoids.  Tabs must be kept on them, however, as if their intentions turn, it is this Inquisitors feeling that they are perfectly capable of wreaking mass destruction upon us.  We have confirmed the heavy use of Chaos energy in the magic of the Planeswalkers, and records have shown Lathain perfectly capable of collapsing the continuum of entire planets into Chaos, destroying them outright.  While we have identified certain spells which are referred to as the “Lavoid Slave,” the “Trimetra Rana,” and the “Mera Flux,” (the last of which is what is used to perform such continuum collapses as described above), their engineering is unknown, and it appears that Lavoid Energy is required to channel them.  The LEA must be watched, but they are not to be made an enemy of, by the same token as the Lavoids.  It is my recommendation that these two forces, The LEA and the Lavoids, be allowed to destroy themselves, rather than allowing our forces to be involved. 

















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