Starcrossed Glossary


by Cain


“Anno Aselli.”: “In the Year of Asellus.” Started as a joke in the Sol 
Dominion (see entry), but was later adopted by the Empire. Starts on the day 
of Lady Asellus’ takeover of Chateau Aiguille (see entry).

Abandoned Sector
An area within the confines of the Empire to which access is restricted by 
any but high-ranking officials, and that rarely. A group of planets with 
which all communication was mysteriously lost in a period of five years, 
(304-309 A.A.), starting with the central planet, Tiberius II (see entry). 
Why the Sector stopped expanding is unknown. All ships that make planetfall 
on an Abandoned Planet immediately lose communication with outside sources. 
Whether this is because of interference, or because something happens to the 
landing ship is unclear, as no ship has ever landed on an Abandoned Planet 
and gotten off. From space, all Abandoned planets look as if they flourish, 
but all signs of civilization are lost.

Adamantine (Add-uh-man-teen)
A silvery metal, amazingly light and amazingly strong and amazingly 
magic-resistant. Usually only found on asteroids and meteorites. However, a 
large deposit has been discovered on two planets in the Terrenus system, 
both III and VII. Physical contact with Adamantine burns all magical beings.

Asellus, Lady (Uh-sell-us)
Ruler of Mysticia and the Mystician Empire. Rarely stays in Facinaturu, the 
Mystician capitol, choosing instead to travel the Empire. Asellus is well 
known and widely respected for several reasons, among them being her 
willingness to lead her own soldiers into battle (see Swordsman’s 
Rebellion and Battle of Silver Rock), her long line of famous 
suitors (see Fedrin Larze), and her skill in combat (see Test of 
Shingrow, Orlouge and Asura). However, as a ruler, she has 
shown no hesitation in wielding her power for the good of the Empire, or for 
her own purposes.

Asura (Uh-sure-uh)
The famous weapon of the Lady Asellus. A red-bladed sword that she always 
keeps at her hip. Nobody knows of its origin.

“Before Asellus.” The years before Lady Asellus’ takeover of Chateau 

Beld, Terrise (Ter-ees Beld)
One of the winners of the Test of Shingrow (see entry). Upon winning, she 
asked to be let into the First Guard, even though she was not a Zero-Class 
MIA Agent. She went on to be wildly successful until she was assassinated.

Berial (Bur-eye-ul)
The most unpredictable race in the known universe. Their planet, Berile, is 
left alone, for the simple reason that one can never tell what’s going to 
happen around one Berial, let alone an entire planet of them. The Berial 
have long been of the opinion that reality is but an illusion of their own 
perception. What bothers every scientist in the Empire is that they appear 
to be right. Within a certain range (usually as far as the Berial can see) 
the Berial can alter reality simply by their own beliefs. This power is 
limited when it comes to altering other life-forms, but on inanimate 
objects, it is extremely effective. The most powerful Berial, the ones who 
can alter an entire planet, thankfully just don’t care enough to go out and 
conquer anybody. Physical characteristics vary widely; one can never be sure 
what a Berial will look like until it is born. Often, the more powerful the 
Berial’s mind, the further away it looks from human.

Berile (Bare-ul)
Homeworld of the Berial (see entry).

The space in between dimensions where Raniel (see entry) tend to slip into 
when they lose concentration. From here a Raniel can reappear anywhere they 
know of in any dimension they know of, but they usually prefer to do this 
using space craft, as accidently shifting into an area of empty space would 
be as deadly for them as any other. For some reason, the Raniel are 
reluctant to talk about it.

Chateau Aiguille (Shat-oh 
Asellus’ castle. Largely deserted when Asellus herself is not around. When 
she is, grand banquets and parties are held fairly often.

Comedia (Coh-may-dee-a)
A wanted band of criminals, famous throughout the Empire and well enough 
known in the Dominion. They are accused of theft, blackmail, extortion, 
anarchy, disruption, and three separate counts of indecent exposure. Nobody 
is certain who the members are or what they look like (their faces, anyway), 
or even how many there are, but it is centuries old, so the members are 
assumed to be Mystics. It has taken many names over the years, but Comedia 
is the name that seems to have stuck.

Council of Twenty
A group of ten men and ten women which manages the affairs of the planet 
Hyg (see entry). Led by Sarien Havergal (see entry).

Dashor Sal (Dash-or Saul)
Roughly translated, Dashor Sal means “Children of the Blade.” Males will 
sometimes call themselves Sel (sons) and females sometimes call themselves 
Rel (daughters). The singular of “Dashor Sal/Sel/Rel” is “Dashor 
Sai/Sei/Rei.” They are one of the very few humanoid/insectoid races 
discovered so far throughout the Galaxy. The Dashor Sal, who are from the 
planet Makhin (translated “Earth”), are renowned for their skill as 
mercenaries, mechanics, architects, and pilots. These skills (fighting 
skill, construction, navigation) result from the fact that life on Makhin, 
with its three eternally wandering storms and dangerous wildlife, is very 
tough. The Dashor Sal are a matriarchal society, not because the females are 
particularly strong, but because most males die (from bite wounds to the 
neck) during the reproductive process. As a result, romance was an alien 
idea to the Dashor Sal until they were introduced to other races. This has 
had two results: first, many Dashor Sal (mostly males) prefer mates outside 
of their own race (though they cannot reproduce, and most humanoids are not 
physically attracted to Dashor Sal), and second, that the birth rate of 
Dashor Sal has doubled since one male can now father many children through 
artificial insemination. All Dashor Sal have two long fingers and a thumb on 
their hands and feet, as well as two extra shortened limbs extending from 
the top of their shoulders, which have no fingers but instead end in sharp 
points. All Dashor Sal also have hard exoskeletons. Males are brown, ranging 
from six to seven feet tall. They are capable of secreting a sticky 
substance from their fingers, which enables them to be amazing climbers. 
Females are dark brown to black, from five to six feet, with clear wings, 
though most are too heavy to do more than glide.

D.S.C. (Dee-ess-see)
“Dominion Space Craft.” Any ship officially affiliated with the government 
of the Sol Dominion.

Earth 1
Also “Alpha Earth.” Homeworld of the first race to discover space travel. 
Location is unknown, and the race itself is long gone, but historians still 
search for clues in this ancient mystery.

Earth 2
Also “Beta Earth.” Home of the second species (see Tacketine)to 
discover space travel. Also known as Tacket. The planet was laid to ruin in 
the Lavoid Ascension, due to its proximity (two light years) to Earth 4.

Earth 3
Also “Kappa Earth.” Home of the third species to discover space travel 
(this is in dispute; some records show inconsistencies). Also known as Mard 
(see Ethmarda). One of the planets of the Inhuman Coalition (see 

Earth 4
Also “Delta Earth,” or “Terra,” though this name has been claimed by 
several separate planets (see entry). Self-proclaimed homeworld of humanity. 
Other planets have been found to have humans on them for millennia, but 
Earth 4 (often simply called “Earth” in the language of the Dominion) was 
the first human-dominated planet to achieve space travel through a now-lost 
technology known as “Warp.” Called “Earth 4" by the Mystician Empire because 
evidence has been found that though it was the first human planet to 
discover space travel, it was actually the fourth planet to discover it 

Endless, I.S.C.
One of three sister-ships (see Infinity and Universe) built with the 
revolutionary WHITE Drive (see entry), created recently by Thomas Tenser 
(see entry). The prototype. Lacks slightly in speed and weaponry. Installed 
with the Mec core T-260 (see entry). Also installed with WRESS (see entry).

Ethmarda (Eth-mard-uh)

Supposedly the third race to discover interplanetary travel, but this is 
uncertain; though this is widely accepted, many humans claim that Earth 4 
actually discovered it first. Due to the huge distances between the two, 
however, not to mention the fact that Mard (see Earth 3) is part of 
the Inhuman Coalition, it is nearly impossible to tell.

Facinaturu (Fah-sin-ah-too-roo)
Capitol of Mysticia.

Felone, Ransom (Ran-sum Fell-oan)
A young man, found alone on the newly-discovered, uninhabited planet 
Ventosus. Speaks the language of Elosiat fluently, and Mystician with an 
accent. Secretive and full of surprises. Refuses to talk too much about his 
own past, not even revealing how he ended up on Ventosus.

First Guard, the
The Lady Asellus’ personal guard. Loyal beyond belief and amazing in 
battle. Often are by Asellus’ side as she charges into battle. Led by Zozma 
(see entry). Only Zero-Class MIA Agents are ever inducted into the First 
Guard, except under special circumstances.

Free Space Movement
A group of rebels, dedicated to the idea that each planet should be 
self-governing, and that Asellus is a particularly ineffective ruler. The 
only armed rebellion movement spanning more than one planet. The Free Space 
Movement’s HQ is the planet Hyg (see entry).

F.S.C. (Eff-ess-see)
“Free Space Craft.” The designation of all ships involved with the Free 
Space Movement (see entry).

Gen (Gen)
Winner of the first Test of Shingrow (see entry). An excellent swordsman, 
the best on Mysticia, until his death in 11 A.A., almost a year after his 
victory in the Test. Famous for his capacity for alcohol (see 

Gina (Gee-nah)
Lady Asellus’ first Princess (#45), and the only one always at Asellus’ 
side. Like Zozma (see entry), Gina will do anything for Asellus, though 
without Zozma’s fanatic zeal.

GP (Gee-pee)
“Galactic Power.” Any group of planets exceeding the number two. Some 
examples are the Sol Dominion, the Mystician Empire, the Planetary Union, 
and the Inhuman Coalition (see entries).

Greyspace (Gray-space)
The form of transport currently used by most of the Mystician Empire, 
discovered in 70 A.A. In order to enter Greyspace, a Greygate needs to be 
formed. There are no limitations on the Greygate; it can be expanded 
endlessly for a small amount of power. Greyspace itself is grey and misty, 
and (strangely) has a breathable atmosphere, even for races that don’t 
normally breathe oxygen. Greyspace’s nature is still not understood, except 
for one crucial fact: when in Greyspace, every unit of distance moved is 
multiplied by about 6,000,000,000,000 in the real Universe, known as 
Darkspace. Thus, traveling a mile in Greyspace, you travel a little over a 
light year in Darkspace. Also, less time passes in Darkspace as you travel 
in Greyspace. The only drawback is the Darkgate, or the entry back into 
normal space. If more than three people attempt to go through a Darkgate at 
once, it will simply close and spit them back out into Greyspace. Thus, most 
ships that use Greyspace for travel can carry only three people. Some ships 
(see Condor) split into sections, so that only one section (carrying 
three or fewer people) passes through the Darkgate at a time. It has been 
suggested that Greyspace could be used to expand, even on the other side of 
the Sol Dominion, but too many ships go missing in Greyspace for such a 
venture. Approximately one out of every ten thousand ships vanishes the 
first time it enters Greyspace, though the reason for this is unknown.

Havergal, Sarien (Say-ree-en Hah-vur-gaul)
First Councillor of the Council of Twenty (see entry). Personally hates 
Asellus since her sister, Riento, was taken as a Princess while on a 
reconnaissance mission.

Holy Swordsmen, the
A religious cult, in operations since 245 A.A. Believe in the potential of 
the humanoid mind, and hate magic with a passion. Claim magic is a crutch 
for weak humanoids, and that magic-users should be wiped out. Reached their 
peak in 310 A.A. (see Swordsman’s Rebellion) Led by the Swordsman (see 

Hunt for the Princess, the
Whenever the Lady Asellus makes planetfall, lists of names of women are 
sent to her by the populace. Out of these names, two hundred are picked at 
random, and out of these two hundred, one woman wins and is named Princess. 
Whoever turned in the name of the woman is given a reward, and all family 
members of the woman are excused from any prison sentence and given rewards 
as well. Which woman will win is always a mystery; there seems to be no 
pattern to who wins. The women differ in age (from 14 to 35), height, color, 
and body structure. The only constant is that they are humanoid, and at 
least mildly pretty. The winning woman is taken to Mysticia to serve the 
Lady Asellus (the manner of this service is never revealed) and is never 
seen again.

Hyg (Highg)
Also known as “Haven.” The biggest thorn in the Empire’s side, aside from 
the Sol Dominion itself. Home of the Free Space Movement (see entry). A 
neutral planet, through the efforts of Madria Ronat (see entry), Hyg 
preaches freedom from oppressors, including Lady Asellus. Harbors any and 
all refugees from the Empire, for any reason, including convicted criminals 
on the run. The capitol city, called “Utopia,” is anything but. Ruled 
(barely) by the Council of Twenty (see entry and Sarien Havergal). In the 
years since its neutrality was declared, Hyg has narrowly averted several 
major disasters, from plagues to parasites to a brief period when many 
Berial decided to go there on vacation. Lady Asellus denies any involvement 
in these.

Ildon (Ill-dun)
Captain of the I.S.C. Suzaku. Follows orders even when he knows 
better. Personally dislikes Lady Asellus for reasons unknown. Also dislikes 
Fedrin Larze (see entry) for the actor’s portrayal of him.

Imperial Army
The army of the Mystician Empire. Controlled directly by Lady Asellus 

Infinity, I.S.C.
One of three sister-ships (see Endless and Universe) built with the 
revolutionary WHITE Drive (see entry), created recently by Thomas Tenser 
(see entry). The second of the three, built for speed, although its main 
weapon, a variation on TEARS (see entry) is formidable in its own right. 
Installed with Mec core ZEKE (see entry). Also installed with a weaker 
version of WRESS (see entry), designed both to function as normal and 
protect against its more powerful counterpart.

Inhuman Coalition
One solar system consisting of five planets. For approximately thirty 
years, they were a part of the Mystician Empire, until the Empire suddenly 
lost contact with the planets. All attempts to regain contact failed, since 
all ships that entered the solar system experienced malfunctions, and few 
returned. Of those that returned, only non-humans (Mystics, Dashor Sal, 
etc.) survived. All humans on-board were found dead of unknown causes. Only 
one communication has successfully been made to a planet within the solar 
system, in which one of the natives said “Leave us alone.”

I.S.C. (Eye-ess-see)
“Imperial Star Craft.” Any craft built by the Empire and manned by those 
who work for the Empire.

Kazhin (Kah-zheen)
The god of the majority of the Dashor Sal (see entry). Loosely translated, 
this word means “Maker.” The similarities between the Kazhinite Church and 
other established religions are astonishing, especially when it is 
considered that this religion has lasted much longer than the Dashor Sal 
have been a space-faring race. Kazhin is credited with the creation of the 
universe, and of the Dashor Sal. History also records a great flood in the 
past, attributed to the inherent disobedience of the Dashor Sal at the time.

The Church of Kazhin
The Kazhinite Church is the religion that almost all Dashor Sal follow. 
Unbelievers often find themselves alone in an Empire full of believers. 
Though Lady Asellus supposedly rules the Dashor Sal, the Dashor Sal all 
truly follow the Renai (High Priestess) and Soidai (Bishop) of the Kazhinite 

Larend, Shawn (Shon Luh-rend)
A human MysPol officer, unexpectedly promoted to Detective rank during the 
chaos of the bombing of MysPol HQ, and subsequently left partner-less. She 
is skilled with magic, mostly of the healing variety, and both takes and 
gives orders well.

Lacryma (Lack-rim-uh)
Modified version of the T-Blade. One attaches to each forearm, and covers 
it from the elbow to the knuckles. It is usually voice activated, and each 
one responds to commands after the words “Left” or “Right.” Mode 1 is energy 
absorption mode, also known as “Inert Mode.” Mode 2 (“Blaster Mode”) allows 
blasts of energy to be fired from the palm. In Mode 3 (“Shock Mode”) the 
Lacryma is electrified, although the wearer’s arms are unharmed. In Mode 4 
(“Claw Mode”) three claws extend from the Lacryma to a length of two feet. 
The claws can be super-heated on command.

Larze, Fedrin (Fed-rin Lars)
A movie star, made famous for his part in “The Lady’s Ascension,” a 
(supposedly) biographical account of Asellus’ rise to power. Larze played 
Ildon (see entry). He is also Asellus’ most recent suitor.

Leonard (Len-urd)
Mec core installed in the I.S.C. Universe (see entry). The only Mec 
core known to have a fully developed personality.

Makhin (Mock-hin)
Homeworld of the Dashor Sal (see entry). Mostly jungle. Has three storms 
which continually roam its surface.

Masan (Mah-san)
A rebel and known accomplice of Thyme Oregano (see entry).

McKenna, Crystal (Cris-tul Mick-ken-uh)
A young woman who woke up in the Intensive Care center of Our Lady of Peace 
Hospital, on the planet Terrenus VII (see entry). Amnesiac, with occasional 
flashbacks and blackouts. Speaks the language of Elosiat fluently, and has 
learned Mystician. Speaks it with an accent. Strangely able to use magic, 
though she doesn’t remember how to cast anything. Makes her living as a 
miner and bodyguard.

MIA (Em-eye-ay)
“Mystic Investigation Agency.” Also known as the Imperial Special Forces. 
Used to seek out and “handle” potential threats to the Empire. Divided into 
several ranks: Agents, from Class 6 (New Recruit) to Class 0 (Special 
Agent), who travel and follow orders, Investigators, who root out the 
threats, and Shadows, who personally infiltrate danger areas. It is worth 
noting that only Zero-Class Agents are ever accepted into the First Guard 
(see entry), with the exception of Terrise Beld (see entry).

Mrydar, Lowell (Low-ul Mreye-dar)
One of the six winners of the Test of Shingrow (see entry). At 76 years, he 
was the oldest human ever to have entered the contest, let alone win. His 
wish upon victory was to be young again. It was granted, somehow, and he 
enjoyed a brief period of fame before he left the public eye.

MysPol (Mis-Pole)
The Mystician Police Force. Enforces the laws of the Empire. Often has 
stations in every major city of a planet. The one Mystician agency that 
prefers handguns to T-Blades (see entry).

Mystic (Mis-tick)
Any magic-using humanoid loyal to Mysticia before other planets. True 
Mystics, who are native to the planet of Mysticia and don’t really qualify 
as human, stop aging once they begin using magic in earnest, if ever.

Mysticia (Mis-tish-ah, Mis-teesh-uh)
Seat of the Mystician Empire. Ruled by the Lady Asellus from Chateau 
Aiguille (see entry) in Facinaturu (see entry).

Mystician Empire (Mis-tish-an, Mis-teesh-un)
An area ruled by Lady Asellus. Currently at an uneasy stalemate with the 
Sol Dominion (see entry). All positions of power are held by Mystics (see 
entry). Newly discovered planets are inducted, conquered, or Officially 
Ignored. The peace is kept by MysPol (see entry). Different planets are 
treated well, or mostly ignored, depending on usefulness. Few planets are 
truly victims of negligence, and those are ignored by everyone but the 
occasional rebel. The Mystician Empire is small when compared to other GP’s, 
such as the Sol Dominion or Planetary Union, and as such requires less 

Neutral Planet
A planet which may trade with the Empire, the Dominion, or whomever it 
wants, and is not subject to the rules of any of the above. Any fighting 
between Empire and Dominion forces here is strictly forbidden.

Neutral Sector
Areas of space in which battle of any sort is forbidden. Anyone passing 
through a Neutral Sector is guaranteed passage safe from attack. Even 
criminals are safe here, as long as they don’t leave. Sometimes these 
sectors include planets, and these planets are exempt from the free-pass 
law; if they feel intruded upon, they are in their rights to attack, and 
often do so with known criminals.

Oregano, Rosemary (Rose-mare-ee Or-egg-uh-no)
Also known as Rose, and Princess #52. Has been one of Lady Asellus’ 
Princesses for 311 years. For reasons that are unclear, she occasionally 
requires a shot of Psyline (see entry) or a transfusion of human blood.

Oregano, Thyme (Time Or-egg-uh-no)
A human born in 8 B.A. A rebel. Cryogenically frozen in 12 A.A. Not 
executed because of his relation to a Princess (see Oregano, Rosemary). 
Known accomplice of Masan (see entry).

Orlouge, Lord
Ruler of the Mystics in pre-space days, before defeated and destroyed by 
Lady Asellus.

Orphanage, the
A gigantic space station, capable of interstellar travel through unknown 
technology. It is a new home for those whose planets have been destroyed or 
otherwise rendered uninhabitable. The Orphanage accepts all comers, but 
rarely has contact with outsiders. The Empire and Dominion have tried to 
discover the secrets of the Orphanage, but no agent ever sent into it comes 
back out.

The residents of the Orphanage. They are trained in self-defense and 
various arts of war. An Orphan outside the Orphanage is always on a mission, 
but will never reveal it. Some have been known to resist torture to keep 
their secrets. The only information they will give is their name, former 
planet, and the phrase “The Vagabond (see entry) sent me.” All Orphans are 
armed with twin claws installed with TEARS (see entry and Lacryma).” 
They disdain magic, and rarely befriend any but other Orphans. All orphans 
dye some or all of their hair blue, and take on new names.

P.P.S. Squads (Pee-pee-ess)
“Pyrrh Planetary Search” Squads. Groups of eight Pyrrh (see entry) that 
land on planets (the three Pyrrh motherships never land). They often show up 
out of nowhere (sometimes without a ship) and make everybody very nervous 
until they go away. Pyrrh, especially in groups of eight (which they usually 
are in when not seen in their own ships), are considered bad luck to come 

Prent (Prent)
A Mystic, fanatically loyal to the Lady Asellus. Rose from soldier to 
general in nine years. Known for his ruthlessness, and the fact that he has 
never failed in a mission. One of the six winners of the Test of Shingrow 
(see entry). Upon victory, his wish was simply a kiss from the Lady Asellus.

Princesses, the
Little is known of the Lady Asellus’ collection of women known as the 
Princesses, except that they serve her in some way. Family members of 
Princesses are often excused for minor crimes or are given lesser sentences 
for great crimes.

Psyline (Sigh-leen))
A drug designed to suppress magic-related psychological problems. Taking 
more than necessary (or any at all if unnecessary) results in a high, and 
more is needed as time passes to get the same effect. The drug is expensive, 
but remarkably nearly side-effect free, except for an increase in metabolism 
and slight sensitivity to light.

Pyrite (Pie-rite)
A planet named for the huge deposits of pyrite (fool’s gold) found beneath 
the surface.

Pyrrh (Peer)
Natives of the planet Pyrrhus (see entry), a Lavoid-infested planet 
destroyed in 113 A.D. The Lavoid (a class A, known as Solus [see entry]) 
survived. The Pyrrh now all live on three moon-sized ships: the P.S.C.’s 
Terracide, Juggernaut, and Armageddon. The 
Armageddon is a warship, designed to destroy entire fleets if 
necessary. The Juggernaut is a defense ship, on which live all of the 
non-combatants of the Pyrrh race. The Terracide is armed with the 
Screw (see entry). The self-proclaimed mission of the Pyrrh is to wipe out 
the Lavoids. Lavoids found are attacked, or avoided if too powerful. The 
Pyrrh are the only race known to have destroyed a class B Lavoid, though 
this knowledge is not common. Pyrrh often go searching for Lavoids in P.P.S. 
Squads (see entry), though their method of transport is a mystery; the Pyrrh 
have a tendency to appear where you least expect them, and the P.P.S. Squads 
(being a group of eight) shouldn’t be able to use Greyspace (see entry). The 
Imperial Army has often tried to enforce their laws on the Pyrrh, but all 
attempts have failed miserably. The Pyrrh are about three feet tall, pasty 
white, hairless, and are always accompanied by three things: a sulfuric 
smell, twin ceremonial axes, and their no-nonsense attitude.

Pyrrhus (Peer-us)
Lost homeworld of the Pyrrh.

Raig, D.S.C. (Rayg)
Personal craft of the High Priestess of the Holy Order of Kazhin. The first 
bio-mechanical ship successfully created, it has mothered the entire Dashor 
Sal fleet.

Raniel (Rah-nee-el)
Only recently seen for the first time, the Raniel are a race that, through 
a mysterious set of circumstances, have become “loosened” from their own 
dimension, and all others. As a result, they (and their ships) jump between 
dimensions easily. In fact, when not on one of their ships, a Raniel must 
concentrate slightly on remaining “stuck,” or else they slip back into 
“between (see entry).” They are renowned for their neutrality, their 
business sense, and their ability to find anything you could possibly 
want... for a price. They are great negotiators, and never forget a favor, a 
slight, or the present value of currency. Their ships, which vary greatly in 
size, shape, and capabilities, are always orange, which is odd since the 
Raniel themselves are purple. They are normally about six feet tall, with 
sharp, angular features and six-fingered hands. They have been known to wear 
clothing of any design or color, and their weapons of choice range all known 
time periods and styles, and a few unknown ones. The Raniel are wild cards, 
but they keep their promises to the letter.

Ronat, Madria (May-dree-uh Row-not)
Human born on the planet Hyg (see entry) in the year 150 A.A., died 194 
A.A. Raised rebellion after rebellion on her homeworld, only to be met with 
failure each time. Finally entered the Test of Shingrow (see entry) with a 
mask and assumed identity. Upon winning, she unmasked and demanded the 
freedom of her planet. Her wish was granted: Hyg was immediately declared a 
neutral planet (see entry) and all Imperial forces left it immediately. 
Madria Ronat was then executed for treason.

R.S.C. (Are-ess-see)
“Raniel Space Craft.” The ships of the Raniel. Vary greatly in size, shape, 
and capabilities, but are easily identified, since they are always orange.

Saig. D.S.C. (Sayg)
Personal craft of the Bishop of the Holy Order of Kazhin. The second 
bio-mechanical ship successfully created, and the mate of the Raig.

Salhin (Sal-heen)
The diametric opposite of Kazhin (see entry). Loosely translated, means 
“Sunderer.” Blamed for the imperfection of the Dashor Sal, as well as the 
storms of Makhin (see entry). In fact, one of the storms is named Salhor Rog 
(Storm of the Sunderer). Said to have cursed the reproductive process of the 
Dashor Sal as well.

Screw, the (Skroo)
A weapon onboard the P.S.C. Terracide (see Pyrrh). Named by the 
Empire for two reasons: first, the weapon is a large, high-concentration 
laser. It is designed to punch through a planet’s crust, pierce the core, 
and break through the other side of the planet, at which point the planet 
usually breaks apart. The second reason, started by a joke among MysPol, is 
because if you see the P.S.C. Terracide in orbit around your planet, 
you are screwed. All attempts to destroy or disable the Terracide 
have failed.

Ildon’s First Officer. Mute. Strangely, he casts no shadow.

Silver Rock, Battle of
A battle fought with the Dominion over an Asteroid composed entirely of 
Adamantine (see entry). The Imperial Army was led by Lady Asellus. The 
Imperial Forces were outnumbered, but Asellus and the First Guard (see 
entry) held off the Dominion Forces until reinforcements arrived.

Sol Dominion, the (Soul)
A human-dominated coalition of planets, started by the humans of Earth 4 
(see entry). Ether is used in much of their technology, but direct use of it 
is rarer than in the Mystician Empire (see entry). Of all the Galactic 
Powers, the Sol Dominion is the most war-like, but is also the largest. It 
is temporarily quiet, but that is mostly because it is surrounded by other 
GP’s that it’s made enemies of.

Solus (So-lus)
A class “A” Lavoid discovered in the year 112 A.D. by the Pyrrh (see entry) 
on the planet of Pyrrhus (see entry). Inside the planet when destroyed, yet 
remained unharmed. Fled (for reasons unknown, since there was nothing anyone 
could do to harm it) into deep space, and has not been seen since. Presumed 
still alive.

Swordsman, the
The leader of the religious cult known as the Holy Swordsmen (see entry). 
Preached the evils of magic and the potential of humanoids, and humans in 
particular. Went missing during the Swordsman’s Rebellion (see entry), 
presumed dead. The cult, however, still continues.

Swordsman’s Rebellion
On the planet Pyrite (see entry), the Holy Swordsmen (see entry) suddenly 
stormed the capitol city of Seltone, and went on a rampage, slaughtering 
Mystics and gathering new recruits by the handful. By the time word of a 
rebellion reached Mysticia (see entry), one half of the planet Pyrite, now 
controlled by the Holy Swordsmen, was fighting the other half, the 
Loyalists. Asellus herself led the Imperial Army in to aid the Loyalists, 
and managed to scatter the Holy Swordsmen. Every person found guilty of 
aiding the Holy Swordsmen was imprisoned or executed.

T-260 (Tee-two-six-tee, Tee-two-six-zere-oh)
Mec core installed in the I.S.C. Endless (see entry). Recognizes 
Thyme Oregano (see entry) and only him as Captain. The most advanced core 
known to date despite a lack of personality, and one of a small few able to 
make the computations necessary for the WHITE Drive (see entry). Able to 
infiltrate foreign computer networks with ease. When in Mec form, one of the 
winners of the Test of Shingrow (see entry).

Tacketine (Tack-uh-teen)
The second race to discover space travel. (See Earth 2) The 
Tacketine are mostly extinct, but the few still found wandering around are 
easily recognized by their grey skin, large black eyes, and thin spindly 
bodies. Their home planet, Tacket/Earth 2/Beta Earth, was completely ruined 
during the Lavoid Ascension.

T-Blade (Tee-blade)
Also known as a “TEARS (see entry) Blade.” Designed to combat enemies with 
energy weapons, hand-to-hand weapons, or any combination of the two. It 
attaches to the forearm, and covers it completely, up to the second knuckle 
of each finger. It is usually voice activated. Mode 1 is energy absorption 
mode, also known as “Inert Mode.” Mode 2 (also known as “Blaster Mode”) 
allows blasts of energy to be fired from the palm. In Mode 3 (“Claw Mode”), 
a foot-long, double-edged blade snaps out and around the wrist, coming to 
rest above the hand. In Mode 4 (“Short-Sword Mode”), this blade extends to 
two feet. In Mode 5 (“Sword Mode”), the blade folds down the center, and one 
of the halves slides to place itself on top of the other half, effectively 
turning it into a single-edged blade that’s four feet long. In Modes 3, 4, 
and 5, the blade can be wreathed in energy. This weapon is the favored 
Imperial weapon, and is used by the MIA, MysPol, and the Imperial Army. A 
modified, claw-shaped version known as “Lacryma” is used by the Orphans (see 

TEARS (Tears, Tee-ee-ay-are-ess)
“Tenser Energy Absorption/Reflection System.” Thomas Tenser’s (see entry) 
first major invention, created when he was fourteen years old. Since then, 
it has become a vital part of the Empire’s technology. Properly placed in 
any machine, TEARS allows it to absorb energy of almost any type (solar, 
electrical, laser, heat) through “keypoints,” which can be placed anywhere 
on the outside of the machine. Once this energy is absorbed, it can be used 
to power the machine. Once the machine is fully charged, any extra energy 
added is simply reflected away. The most well-known use of TEARS is in the 
T-Blade (see entry).

Tenser, Thomas (Tom-us Ten-sur)
Most famous contemporary scientist of the Empire. Responsible for the 
creation of numerous devices, including TEARS (see entry), the WHITE Drive 
(see entry), WRESS (see entry), the and T-Blade (see entry). Born in 304 
A.A. Human. Wrote his first scientific thesis at the age of seven, and went 
on to greater things from there. Some have noted the fact that his surname 
is the same as the Sol Dominion (see entry) historical character, Tristan 
Tenser, but the Empire emphatically denies any possible relation.

Terra (Ter-ruh)
A name claimed by at least ten separate and distinct planets, though most 
of these are now abandoned. It is rumored that when a planet takes the name 
“Terra,” it is cursed. The only planet claiming the name Terra that still 
has intelligent life-forms is the planet also known as “Earth 4" (see 
entry), and this does little to dispel the rumor.

Test of Shingrow, the (Shing-row, Shin-grow)
Began in the year 10 A.A. Every Mystician new year, the Lady Asellus holds 
the Test, a contest for warriors, in Shingrow, on Mysticia. Whoever defeats 
all of the other challengers is allowed to face Asellus herself. If Asellus 
loses, the victor is granted any wish he or she desires, if it is in 
Asellus’ power. The winner is then banned from future Tests. In over 
three-hundred tests, Asellus has only lost six times (see Lowell Mrydar, 
Madria Ronat, Prent, Terrise Beld, T-260, Gen).

Tiberius II (Teye-bee-ree-us Too)
The first Abandoned Planet. Sometimes called the Deadworld. The Abandoned 
Sector (see entry) spread out from here. It is unclear what happened here, 
but this planet is dangerous even to approach; it is surrounded by a shield 
of free-floating frozen asteroids with magnetic tendencies. However, when 
the planet was inhabited, this shield had not existed.

An alcoholic drink created centuries ago by the swordsman, Gen (see entry). 
Named for its sharp, acrid taste. Also known as the “Gut-Cutter” for the 
almost-unavoidable nausea accompanied by excessive drinking. Extremely 
cheap, and extremely intoxicating.

Universe, I.S.C.
One of three sister-ships (see Endless and Infinity) built 
with the revolutionary WHITE Drive (see entry), created recently by Thomas 
Tenser (see entry). The final ship in the series, it is built for heavy 
battle, and is more than twice the size of either of its sisters. Installed 
with Mec core Leonard (see entry). Also installed with Light and Heavy 
Torpedoes, Laser Cannon, Impulse Cannon, Tractor Arrays, Mine Launchers, 
Moveable Shield Arrays, Chaff Launchers, Heavy Armor Plating, and a device 
designed to guard against the effects of WRESS (see entry).

U.S.C. (You-ess-see)
“Universal Star Craft.” Ships not affiliated with any particular GP (see 
entry). Of course, they are still subject to all laws of the sector they are 
currently in, and are often the first to be under suspicion.

Vagabond, the
Apparently the leader of the Orphanage (see entry); the Orphans (see entry) 
refuse to talk about him/her.

WHITE Drive (Wyte, Dub-ul-yu-age-eye-tee-ee)
“Worm Hole Instant Transportation Engine.” Thought to be the replacement 
for Greyspace travel. Creates a Wormhole and Whitehole. Passing through the 
Wormhole instantly brings you through the Whitehole no matter the distance 
between the two, though not vice versa. There are only two constraints to 
this method of transportation. First, the size of the Worm/Whitehole is 
proportional to the amount of energy put into their creation. Second, the 
distance from the Wormhole to the Whitehole in terms of space is 
proportional to the amount of energy put into their creation. Thus, one 
could use the WHITE Drive to travel a mile or a light-year or a 
light-millennium instantly, if the energy was available. Plans are being 
made to create a generator capable of forming a Whitehole anywhere in the 

WRESS (Ress, Duh-bul-yu-ar-ee-ess-ess)
“Wide-Range Electronic System Scrambler.” A device created by Thomas Tenser 
(see entry), designed to disable any electronic system within a radius 
determined by the amount of power put into it, ranging from twenty feet to 
six-hundred miles. Also, all radio transmissions in said area at the time 
are instantly scrambled. So far, this device has only been placed in three 
ships, and only one of them with full capabilities. Thus, most people are 
unaware of its existence or capabilities.

Zade (Zaid)
A Mystic Agent of the MIA. A natural-born hunter. Time spent in-between 
mission usually just bores her. A loner with no apparent interest in 
romance, she is horrified to discover she has been assigned a partner.

ZEKE (Zeek)
Mec core installed in the I.S.C. Infinity (see entry).

Zozma (Zoz-muh)
Chief advisor to Lady Asellus and head of the First Guard (see entry). His 
devotion to Asellus borders on worship, and he will do anything she asks of 
him unflinchingly. Zozma is often ready and willing to fight a duel over 
some perceived insult to Asellus’ honor.



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