The Planeswalkers Chronicles- A Glossary


by Mox




Iím basically going to just list everything I can think of as it pops into my head, trying to keep the list in alphabetical order.  Special thanks to Cain for motivating me to do this, and thanks to all authors whoís ideas I may have used (most notably Nanaki, but also Nightsong and others).  This will be a constant work under construction, as I literally come up with new explanations with things daily.  Anyway, with that said, Iíll get on with itÖ




Artificial Wing Creation Engine- mimics the creation of the Black Wings that a Planeswalker uses to perform an individual Planeshift.  By firing a stream of Chaos energy in the proper form, the AWCE tears a hole in the continuum and allows travel in the Outer-Planer Region.  It encompasses a complex computer and filter system to allow for precise recreation of the naturally occurring phenomenon which involves a 'spill off' of excess Chaos Energy.  For the AWCE, LEA ships draw on more of the power absorbed by the C-1AM and fires it off.  It is another LEA machine who's operational methods are unknown to all save the Planeswalkers, with the possible exception of Tristan Tenser who helped Jack McKlane design it.  Luckily, the knowledge of their function is not needed to create them, as all LEA ships require their AWCE in order to Planeshift.


Black Wings- the physical manifestation of Lavoid Energy through a Planeswalker.  The wings can take any desired form but usually appear as a pair or multiple pairs of wing-like projections from the shoulder blades.  Can be used to attack, defend, tare holes in time-space, etc.


C-1 Assimilation Module- the machine used on LEA ships to project a meta-physical net into the fifth dimension and siphon Chaos energy into the processing modules.  Requires immense energy to operate, but after it is activated, it can use part of the energy from the Chaos absorbed to continue to power itself.  Abbreviated with C-1AM, and affectionately called Suckers or Sponges by the LEA Technicians.


Celes- a fringe planet in the Sol Dominion.  A turning point in LEA history as it bore the discovery of two new Planeswalkers and is the only planet in the world that produces the substance known as Crystain, which is the foundation of many anti-Lavoid weaponry as well as anti-Lavoid poisons and toxins.


Chaos- the extraplaner force which extends past and permeates the Multiverse.  It is fundamentally pure energy, with all molecules at their highest value of energy, therefore creating the most random motion, hence where the original name of Chaos came from.  Not explainable by conventional methods, though, are the evil emanations that seem to come from Chaos.  Once it was used to power the first Lavoid, it became tainted and rebelled.  See individual paper for more information.


Crystain- a bluish crystal found only in the seas of Celes.  Due to its peculiar properties, it naturally exists in both the Natural and Ethereal planes in a given point in space.  Because of this, it can alter the physical nature of a piece of matter, forcing it also to exist in the Ethereal plane as well.  These Ethereal weapons, called Phase Swords by the Nisai Ryu, and also called Astral Weapons, are an extremely effective form of killing Lavoids, as in striking down their Ethereal body, one can bypass their Natural resistances.  From the Lavoids, though Farilii and all the way down, these Phase Weapons are the more popular anti-Lavoid close combat weapon of the LEA.  Also, Crystain can be ground down into a power, put through a complex series of reactions, then boiled, to form a substance called ARG-71.  This substance is extremely lethal to all creatures that are based on Lavoid Energy, again due to peculiar properties of the Crystain makeup.  Also noted, it is one of the few effective ways to kill a Planeswalker, but the knowledge of making this substance was also lost with the LEA.     


Dreamblade- a Dreamstone powered blade, originating on Elosia.  Known for its ability to channel their wielderís energy into power.  It has taken many forms as it has been modified over the years.


Elosia- the test planet for Lavos, and the Human Evolution Reproduction theory.  It has an odd tendency of producing very powerful warriors (more than any other planet in the galaxy).  Some of these include Lathain of Zeal, Schala of Zeal, Janus of Zeal (otherwise known simply as Magus), Crono Triggara, Rakin Guardia, Tristan Tenser, Greven Vecar, Ertai Vecar, Christina Zeal, the Frog sword, and many others.  The Zeal and Guardia families in particular have a tendency of producing powerful heroes.


Epitorum (Ep-ih-TORE-uhm)- the height of human evolution on a given planet.  Always a female, this evolution is guided by the Lavoid inhabiting the given planet.  Designed for mating with the Planeswalker to produce the ultimate being.


ES- the abbreviation for Elosia Standard, the time measurement used by the LEA.  The LEA was founded in 2000 ES.  Darrell Shanning began work on the Zohar Modifier in 5000 ES.  


Farilii (Far-il-aye)- a high ranking, Lavoid Energy Based creature, created by inducing a being to large quantities of Lavoid Energy.  A Farilii looks somewhat like whatever it looked before the transformation, save for its coloring becoming blue and its back become stubby.  They are capable of high levels of magic resistance and regeneration, making them difficult to kill.  Only by using Black (and stronger) Magic, clean decapitation, sharp puncture of the cerebellum, or by putting them to sleep before cutting off their head, can you kill a Farilii. 


Finori (Fhin-ore-ee) a fourth dimensional being with humans as far ancestors.  These beings are capable of Planeswalking, though as they do not exist as fifth dimensional being, they must anchor themselves to a Plane when they enter one.  This process of anchoring makes the item anchored extremely powerful, giving it magical and anti-magical properties.


Force Technique- normally shortened to Force Tech and abbreviated with FT.  It is the use of the kinetic energy in all matter to power ones own skills.  Different Force Technique skills can be learned and use by different manipulation of the energy.  Sometimes confused with Nisai Ryu, Sensetsu Rykuki, or Lifestream Projection.


Human Evolution Reproduction Theory- the theory that stated that a Lavoid could recreate the evolution of human beings on any given planet which is was using for Long Term Infestation.  It was tested on Elosia.


Lavoid- the genetically engineered bio-weapon created on Terra for the use of conquering the area of the present day Sol Dominion.  The weapons turned on their creators and reproduced, spreading through the galaxy.  They feed on planets, absorbing the DNA of each life form on the world through the Lifestream while imbedding themselves into the core of the planet.  In general, they seek to perfect their own strain of DNA.  When they tire of a world, they rise to the surface and launch a magic-based attack that typically eliminates 90% of life on the planet.  They are classified by strength, the lowest capable of capturing a planet being a Class C and the highest being a Queen.


Lavoid Energy- abbreviated by LE.  A synthesis of Chaos energy, automatically converted within the cells of a Lavoid or a Planeswalker.  The Planeswalker/Lavoid naturally absorbs Chaos energy and it is changed into Lavoid Energy.  It is used to power their attacks, enhance abilities and produce the Black Wings. 


LEA- Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus.  The anti-Lavoid organization started by Jack McKlane in the year 2000 ES.  The most successful anti-Lavoid group up to that point, and after that point.  Their war with the Lavoids brought both to the edge of extinction.  Led by the Planeswalkers, their use of Chaos energy to fight the Lavoids is the cause of controversy amongst historians.  However, by using a higher power of the Lavoid's own energies, and manipulation of this power by the Planeswalkers, who are beings of Chaos and Lavoid Energy themselves, they were able to create a number of effective methods in killing Lavoids and LEBCs.  The LEA was originally based on Elosia, but eventually based the moved to base themselves on Celes, due to the mass deposits of Crystain there.  Also, they manipulated both sides in the Great Lavoid War, selling anti-Lavoid weaponry to both sides and underhandedly offing both side's forces.  They brought about their own end in roughly half of the timelines when the attempted to purge Terra (Earth 4) of the Lavoid Queen there.  The resulting reaction brought both the LEA and the Lavoids to the brink of total annihilation, but when the LEA was unable to perform the Time Seal in order to seal the deaths of the newly fallen Lavoids (due to their own lack of numbers), the Lavoids were revived by the Queen on Terra, named Pyriorias, leaving the LEA all but destroyed. 


LEBC- abbreviation for Lavoid Energy Based Creatures.  Usually used in plural.

Lifestream- the force of life on a planet.  Courses through the planet inevitably.  It reaches out into all living things, is a powerful magic force to draw from, and contains the DNA of all creatures whose life force is a part of it.


Long Term Infestation- a designation for term of Lavoid infestation.  Long Term Infestation is qualified by itís goal, which is to create a successful Planeswalker and Epitorum, and to gather a larger stock of base DNA for the Lavoidís offspring.  Long Term Infestations involve planetfall and then a deep burrowing, where a Lavoid will remain for millions of years.  Then, the Lavoid will surface and fire its main weapons, a series of high powered heat lasers, to destroy the surface where it will then breed.


Multiverse- the explanation for Streams of Time.  Basically, all existence stems from the Nexus, the starting point in the Multiverse.  From there, one original time line extends.  However, as you travel down time streams, each choice you come to results in a split in the Multiverse.  While you can technically travel through the Multiverse in an effective form of four dimensional travel, it is expanding an a exponent of infinity, so it is not theoretically possible to see the entire thing.


Nisai Ryu (Ne-Sigh Rye-Ew)- a clan of predominately female ninjas and assassins that originated in Ithilmar on the planet Celes.  Its techniques stem from Lifestream projection, harnessing the power of the lifestream for attacking and defending.  Other than this, its origins are unknown, as is the makeup of its administrative structure.


Order- the polar opposite of Chaos.  Also an interplaner force, it involves abosolute static of the molecules in it, as opposed to complete random motion.  Those who draw on it typically become more organizational, to the point of destruction.  Countries who power themselves with it often become dictatorships.


Planeswalker- the male offspring that results in fertilization of a human egg through Lavoid Energy.  Typically identified by their blue hair and amethyst eyes.  Planeswalkers are noted for their inherent magical capabilities and high tolerance for energy.


Planeshift- the movement from one Plane of Existence to another through use of either a Planeshifter or internal magic energy.  Functions as a method of travel as time moves differently in different Planes, and certain space is bent in different directions in an Out of Plane existence.  Makes instantaneous long distance travel possible under the proper conditions.


Planeshifter- the device used to Planeshift by making use of artificial Black Wings, using Lavoid energy to produce a tear into Chaos and allowing for the Shift. 


Planetary Union- the loose grouping of planets, assembling in a Union Senate.  It broke away from the Sol Dominion around 2500 ES, and the Dominion has threatened takeover since then, through 5000 ES.  Minor skirmishes have filled this time, coupled with momentary outbursts of war.  While the Dominion has more man power, the Union possessed greater technology.


Short Term Infestation- a designation for term of Lavoid infestation.  Short Term infestation is qualified by its goal, which is quickly draining the planet of energy in order to use as fuel, and to use it either as a spawning center for new LE based creatures or Farilii, or as a hive planet, for creating new Lavoids.  Short Term Infestations involve a quick attack and surface takeover from the Hive Fleet.


Sol Dominion- the administrative body that took hold over the galaxy around 2000 ES, the same time that the LEA was building up strength. At its head is an Emperor, and his Counsel.  Known for its militant strength, its first attempt at bringing the galaxy under its rule was the Lavoids, but the plan backfired, destroying its original capital of Terra.  Its current capital is on Nova.


SSAF- Strategic Special Assault Force (yes, it DOES stand for something).  An organization on Elosia in the year 2000 used primarily for anti-terrorist activity.  On Elosia, they were the first users of Force Technique.


Time Seal- by cross manipulating third and forth dimensional magic with aid of Chaos Energy, Adepts of the LEA are able to create a Time Seal after killing a Lavoid.  This is done to prevent a Queen from traveling back in time to revive the fallen Lavoid.  Before the Time Seal was created, Queens had been reviving fallen Lavoids in the past, so their numbers never dwindled, despite the number killed.  Along with the discovery of Crystain, the creation of the Time Seal is marked as the most important event in the history of the war against the Lavoids.


Weatherlight- the first ship of the Lavoid Exterminatorum Adeptus.  It has been refitted over the course of time.  Originally manned by a crew of two hundred.  First ship ever in the Dominion to make use of Planeshifting as its method of travel.