You'd like to learn a little something about me?  I'm flattered, albeit a bit concerned for your sanity.  I'll try to explain.  As I believe has been mentioned on various other parts of the site, the name's Justn.  Justn Purdy.  No, I'm not misspelling that, believe it or not.  I actually do spell it without an 'i'.  Bizarre, yes?  I guess that word sums me up pretty well.

    I'm a seventeen year old high school graduate (I'll probably change this description soon; I'm going to be 18 in August, and I'm going to be in college in August), from East Texas, though I've spent the last two years of my life in Mississippi - and likely will spend the next four here as well.  Of course, I've lived a lot of other places too; there are a number of reasons for that, and if you ever get to know me, I'll probably talk your ear off telling you about all of them.  Anyhow, I've got some hobbies that are a bit... unique, at least when compared to most of the people I know around my home.  I'm a writer, first and foremost, and plan on being a professional novelist one day... given that I can find an editor with the mercy in his heart to publish me.  I've spent the past couple of years writing fanfiction, for one thing because it's a lot of fun, and also because it's great to push the limits on what the difference between 'fanfiction' and 'original fiction' is; seriously, my works are mostly original enough that the game just serves as a miniscule backdrop to characters and such.  Not that I'm being arrogant; I didn't say the stories were GOOD original, just that they were original.  

Anyhow, I've been working on a novel - based around Xenogears, as well as the work of some friends of mine - since about November of 2000, and am hoping to finish it off this summer, though I somehow doubt that's going to happen, what with this site and all.  It's worth it, though.

Also, I consider myself something of a composer, and love music with a passion.  I am, in fact, minoring in the subject next year at college.  I play trombone, baritone (I'd say euphonium, but even fewer people know what THAT is), piano - not as well, mind you - and I've just started working with my electric guitar.  I'd love to have a band next year, seeing as I'm a big alternative music connoisseur, but it's all going to depend on how much time I have amidst everything else.  

Hobbies... what do you mean I've already been listing hobbies?  Those two things are passions (not to be confused with the soap opera, which I don't watch), not hobbies.  See, hobbies are something you enjoy doing when you have spare time.  Writing and composing are something I have to make time for whether or not I've got any spare time on my hands.  And no, I didn't have a 4.0 GPA in high school, though I did manage a 30 on the ACT (which ONLY whatever poor chums that come in here from the deep South will know means... it's pretty good, you SATers, in the upper upper tier... only the valedictorian scored higher than me, and that was just by two points).  I didn't see the point in high school, where my time in classes like advanced math (basically pre-calculus) and chemistry was almost totally wasted.  And I've gotten completely off-track from the start of this paragraph.  I do that a lot.  You're bound to notice it quite a bit on the portions of the site where I just let myself go.  

Anyway, hobbies.  I enjoy reading - fine science fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres, though I am quite capable of picking up a Earth & 20th century-based book if one should catch my eye - and consider myself something of a speed reader, if I should hit upon a good one.  My favorite authors' list below should tell ya if my tastes are decent or not.  I am also a consummate gamer, and proud to admit it - but just because I like Tekken and Final Fantasy doesn't mean I'm a psychopath.  Sorry, Lieberman.  I'm actually pretty well-rounded, actually.  I used to watch a bit of TV now and again, but I realized that I'd have a lot more time in my schedule if I didn't make it a point to watch certain shows... so all I ever really catch these days is a bit of VH1 (don't get MTV out here), or Saturday Night Live, which I still do like despite some poor seasons recently.  I like anime, a habit that I've just recently really gotten into, but I don't like all anime... I'm pretty picky, really.  I watch Dragon Ball Z for the fight sequences - not the violence, Lieberman cohorts; just because I find martial arts interesting, and the moves displayed cool to see pulled off - and Slayers for the incredibly hilarious scripting.  And... that's about it, anime-wise.  I used to play Magic:  The Gathering a lot, but I've kinda gotten out of the habit recently... still have my pathetic cards, though.  I like drawing, though I'm not all that great at it - it's passable, at least, and fun.  And of course, there's the obvious pleasures, like hanging out with friends, dating, going to the movies, eating out, driving around... you know.  I wouldn't even mention it, but some people seem to get the wrong impressions from these things.  Oh, I'm a Christian, too.  I'm not the kind who judges every single person around them, because I'm not any better than anyone else.  And if you talk to me, I'm not automatically going to preach at you.  If you want to discuss religion, though, I can do that in an intelligent fashion - I make something of a study of other religions - and if you don't want to discuss religion, I won't mention it.

As some of the last sentences would imply, I do have a life off the computer, which is why this site doesn't get updated every day.  Believe me, if I didn't have a life, this site would probably be about 30 times as good.  I'd learn... Java or something and get some cheap actors to act out sequences for little cinemas on every page, instead of forcing you to read all the times new roman font here.  As it is, I'm doing good with a partial knowledge of HTML, so... dear lord, this has turned from an About Me section into an editorial.  But it does show you something else about me that you'll notice if you ever send me a message on AOL Instant Messenger or an email or anything; I've got a lot to say.  I'm a talkative guy.  But I try to be pleasant about it.  And I'm still typing... ack... on to the list.


Full Name:

Justn Scott Purdy



Currently a College Student Enrolled in:

The University of Mississippi, AKA Ole Miss, the number 6 Journalism School in the nation.

Courses of Study:

Er... Journalism, with a minor in music.

Favorite Video Games:

Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, FF 4,5,6,7,9, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, Suikoden 1 and 2, Lunar SSSC and EB, Wild ARMs, Azure Dreams, Star Ocean 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Worms Armageddon, etc, etc.

Favorite Movies:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Matrix, Star Wars episodes 4-6, Final Destination, Gattaca, Deep Impact, Goldfinger, The Slayers (heh... they have movies AND a series!), Frequency.

Favorite TV Series:

Frasier, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Saturday Night Live, Sliders (on rare occasion), Dragon Ball Z, The Slayers (what an awesome anime).

Favorite Books:

The Brothers' War by Jeff Grubb, basically any other M: TG-based book, The Dragonlance series, The Death Gate Cycle, The Discworld series.

Favorite Fanfics:

The Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe and Tempo Trigger by Nanaki, Chrono Continuum by Cain, The Planeswalkers and Twins of Destiny by Mox Jet, The World of Imagination (group story on the FFAF), Chrono Trigger: Prophecies by Jerm, Dark Empress by DK, anything by the Spy or Lavos Core (a small joke, if you know who these guys are).

Favorite Authors (Fanfic or otherwise):

Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman (these two are usually together), Nanaki, Cain, Mox Jet, R.A. Salvatore, Jeff Grubb, Jerm, Samara Secor, etc.

Favorite Songs:

Metallica: Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters, and One.

Staind:  Mudshovel, Outside (live and studio versions), Waste, For You, and It's Been Awhile 

Linkin Park:  In the End, Crawling, and Papercut

Creed:My Own Prison, What If, and One 

Nickelback:  Breathe

Incubus:  Drive and Pardon Me

Fuel:  Innocent, Bittersweet, and Sunburn, and Shimmer

Nirvana: Lithium and Smells Like Teen Spirit

Pearl Jam: Jeremy

Days of the New: The Downtown, Freak, and Enemy 

Smashing Pumpkins:The Beginning is the End is the Beginning, The Killer In Me. 

Tonic: If you Could Only See, Lemon Parade, Soldier's Daughter, and You Wanted More 

Other:  Breeze from the Slayers TRY series (it's the opening song), basically anything off of the Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, or Xenogears soundtracks. Oh, and Invincible by Pat Benatar.  That's an awesome song.

Favorite Musical Groups:

Staind, Linkin Park, Creed, Metallica (Napster? What?), Tonic, Fuel, Nickelback, Days of the New, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Three Doors Down, Yasunori Mitsuda (composed for both the Chrono Trigger and Xenogears games... both of which are the only video game soundtracks I own), Nobuo Uematsu (of FF fame), and so on and so on. I also like a fair number of classical pieces, but it's a bit harder to pin those down to one person... NPR doesn't like to tell me the composer's name at convenient times.

My Quotes:

"And Nothing Else Matters." - Metallica,

"I tried so hard, but in the end, it doesn't even matter." - Linkin Park.

"I can see through you, I see your true colors, cuz inside you're ugly, you're ugly like me." - Staind.


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