Xenogears:  Prelude to Destruction

Dark Angel

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10,030 years before the events of Xenogears, mankind has gained the technology to travel the stars. As a result of this, vast empires have been formed, and boundaries have been drawn over the vast reaches of space. However, The Sol Dominion and the Planetary Union are not the only powers in the universe, not by far. The might of the Lavoid race is brought to light with the destruction of a planet in the Union, and the quest of one man to avenge that atrocity begins a saga that will stretch out across all the galaxy, that shall affect every living creature.

His name is Darrell Shanning.


Author's Notes


Chapter 1 -Genesis

Chapter 2 -Exodus

Chapter 3 -Acts

Chapter 4 -Seeker

Chapter 5 -Tribulations

Chapter 6 -Deception and Destruction

Chapter 7 -The Plot Thickens...

Chapter 8 -Lucia

Chapter 9 -Echoes of the Past I:  Faded Shadows

Chapter 10 -Echoes of the Past II:  Mammon

Chapter 11 -Echoes of the Past III:  Souls Lay Smoldering

Chapter 12 -Explanations, Revelations, and New Destinations

Chapter 13 -The Weapon

Chapter 14 -Friendly Fire

Chapter 15 -Meeting the Children

Chapter 16 -Twisted Homeland

Chapter 17 - Dark City

Chapter 18 - Survivors and Warlords

Chapter 19 - Terisiare

Chapter 20 - Shi Kari



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